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“Working in dance medicine for me means to kill at least two birds with one stone: by acknowledging a dancer’s individuality I can train them to their personal best performance, while – always inextricably linked – I am enhancing their health.”




Work(ed) with dancers, masters etc. from NYC Ballet, Royal Ballet Covent Garden, Semperoper Dresden, Stuttgarter Ballett, Leipziger Ballett, Vienna State Opera Ballet, Juilliard School, Vienna State Opera Ballet Academy, Ballet School Paris Opera, and other.


In dance, my overall goal is to fuse dance practice with scientific knowledge in order to make this wonderful world full of possibilities and chances accessible for everybody related to dance.

As a former dancer I know the world of dance, what dancers need; as a scientist I know the medical/ scientific aspects. I am most awfully blessed to be able to speak these two languages. It allows me to bridge the two worlds no matter whether I deal with people from dance, from the medical or scientific fields: they feel understood, welcomed and respected.

Contact Judith-Elisa Kaufmann for

dance medical consultations, dance technique check, screening, rehearsals,... 




NEWS!!! Our research on the association between teacher/master created motivational climate and injuries in ballet is published in the latest Journal for Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Read on  here.

Other projects are related to different aspects of warm up in dancers and how they relate to injuries as well as a documentation of perceived causes for injuries in ballet dancers. 

An analysis of  compensated or forced turnout in dancers and the complexity of causes, which lead to injuries, was recently published in the Journal of Biomechanics.


My overall goal is to research topics in dance, which allow me to support and protect dancers, but which have not yet been (or not sufficiently) researched (examples: association between motivational climate and injuries, warm up and injuries...)​.


international medical studies on ballet dancers with regard to motivational climate, warm up and injury prevention




Working for/with/educating: dancers, teachers, trainers, pedagogues, ballet masters, choreographers, companies, physicians, therapists, consultants, parents of dancers

Online lectures for the Academy for Dance Pedagogy & Dance Medicine: "Communication in Dance" and "Neuromuscular Warm-up!"


When I am teaching or working with dancers, I focus on their very individuality. Dance technique analyses, screenings, planning of training, transition training and other do not make sense when they don't put the dancer's individuality (individual goals, needs, strengths, weaknesses...) first.

My overall goal is to identify a dancer's individuality to be able to guide them to a maximum of performance but also to a maximum of health.


World renowned expert for:

Individualized dance technique check and performance enhancement 

Planning of dancers' training (after injury, transition, pre-season summer, season plans) 

Injury prevention

Motivational climate 

Warm up in dance 

Pelvic floor (performance, expression, incontinence) 

Breathing (performance, flow, expression, stability)


Publications (excerpt)









Kaufmann, JE. (2021). Dance, Children & Adolescents in the Pandemic.

Kaufmann, JE. (2014). A dysfunctional pelvic floor limits a dancer’s performance. How to face the problem through dance medicine and enhance a dancer’s technique. IADMS 24th annual conference. Basel.

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Kaufmann, JE. (2014). Warm up and Cool down – essential means of injury prevention for dancers. Academy for teacher’s training and dance medicine. Vienna, Austria. 2006. Congress for dance and music medicine. Arnhem, Holland.

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Kaufmann, JE. (2000). Pas de Deux aus Liebe. Kinder- und Jugendbuch. Graz. Media.

Kaufmann, JE. (2000). Marion. Jugendbuch. Graz. Media.



International teacher and university lecturer (A, D, E, USA, GB, CH, PSE, ISR, AFR)  for dance medicine, dance science and dance pedagogy

Dance scientist

Cert. ballet- and dance pedagogue

Board member “” Dance Medicine Austria

Former Ballet & Flamenco Dancer (stage, film), actress, choreographer

1998 Head of Body, Art & Expression - School for Ballet & performing arts (

2005 Founder and Principal of the Academy for Dance Pedagogy & Dance Medicine, Austria  (

Author of books on dance medicine and dance pedagogy; medical publications on dance medicine and dance science; novelist and writer of stage- and screen plays

“Only a maximum of health allows for a maximum of performance” (Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, 2008)

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